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Dwyane Wade Shows You His Dribbling Drills

Photo: VICE Sports

When Dwyane Wade shows up to practice, the first thing Miami Heat assistant head coach David Fizdale has him do are ball handling exercises. Fizdale says, “If you can’t handle the ball well you won’t put yourself in position to make great plays.”

To start the day, Wade will begin with a series of dribbling exercises that help him warm up his shoulders and get them used to the different movements that are required for the game of basketball.

dwyane wade dribbling exercise

Fizdale has Wade work on ball handling skills using both hands so that he doesn’t favor one over the other on game day, both are dominant.

Dwyane Wade Practicing Crossovers

These ball handling drills help Wade work on rhythm. They also help him keep his fundamentals sharp.


Even though Wade has been a superstar player in the NBA for over a decade, he still stresses the importance of working on fundamentals every day:

“Even though the highlights on ESPN don’t show the fundamental things — Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James — those players are fundamental in the sense that they do everything right when it comes to footwork and how they pass.”

Wade says, “Everyone notices the no look pass behind the back, but that happens once or twice a game, what you see most of the game are bounce passes and chest passes.”

You know, the fundamentals.

Wade practices low dribbles, high dribbles and everything in between so that he feels comfortable and secure handling the ball in all situations on game day.




You can watch the full video of Wade going through his ball handling drills on the VICE Sports youtube channel.

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