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Don’t Hate on the Brodie: Russell Westbrook, Fashion King

Russell Westbrook moves to the beat of his own drum, which isn’t a bad beat to follow.

So far in the 2014-2015 season he’s earned himself 1o triple doubles and there’s still a month of the regular season to go. When Westbrook’s on the court he’s all business. Off the court he’s all brodie.

In fact, if you want to find him on Instagram, be sure to follow the hashtag #DontHateOnTheBrodie really closely.

#latepost me and @ninamari3_ just swaggin out!!! #fashionking #donthateonthebrodie #wifeygotswag2 #whynot

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While scrolling through Westbrook’s images you’ll find him sharing his unique, and sometimes downright crazy, fashion sense with the world.

Let’s take a quick scroll through some statement pieces.

Westbrook wore this special outfit to the Teen Choice Awards back in 2013.


A couple of months earlier he sported this ensemble during NYFW.


And then there was that time he was a bird. In his own words, “fly away brodieeee!!!”


Sometimes the brodie likes to color block (and for the record, I think this looks pretty good).


And other times the brodie likes to … well, what would you call this? I’m kind of at a loss for words.


Sometimes he looks really good. I like this casual, bright look a lot.


No one can deny, the brodie cleans up really nice.


I just wish he would stop doing whatever this is!


It’s confusing for sure, but I won’t hate on the brodie.

You can follow him and see all of these pics and more on his Instagram @RussWest44 #DontHateOnTheBrodie #FashionKing.

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